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Oct 17, 2019 at 8:00 am

Blockchain and the Future of Healthcare

About the Program

Blockchain—a technology that utilizes distributed ledgers and has been popularized by the cryptocurrency bitcoin—is a potentially disruptive and transformative form of innovation being explored across several industries. However, blockchain is also in the middle of a “hype cycle,” with the healthcare industry now entering the phase of “peak of inflated expectations.” Navigating the hype around blockchain is challenging, but it gets harder when taking into account the complexity and highly regulated nature of the healthcare industry.

In response to the challenge, this workshop will examine how blockchain technology needs to be “fit-for-purpose” in order to encourage adoption in the healthcare and ensuring solutions are responsive to the industry’s unique and diverse use cases. This includes assessing how a blockchain’s technology design elements need to be customized to different healthcare challenges (e.g. clinical trial management, genomics, health supply chain, biomedical research, medical records, digital identity, fraud and abuse, etc.) The workshop will also address other specific challenges such as data management, privacy considerations, and policy and standards setting. These will be illustrated through presentation of research, case studies, debate, and guest speakers from the industry.

This unique workshop provides a glimpse into what is possible with blockchain for healthcare. However, unlike trade conferences, the workshop will give attendees an honest and objective look at both the opportunities and limitations of blockchain in the health sector. With this knowledge, business managers, C-level executives, and other interested stakeholders will be armed with some necessary tools to assess the viability of a health blockchain solution and its feasibility for further exploration.

Deeply rooted in San Diego’s interdisciplinary community of medicine and technology, this program draws on a world class university and its research expertise in medicine, technology, bioengineering and management, while also bridging the intersection between academia and industry. Importantly, this workshop also examines blockchain technology from the lens of public and patient-centered benefit with the hopes of encouraging solutions that can have a real-world impact.



  • Healthcare administrators, executives, and providers;
  • Solution providers to healthcare, such as medical devices, IT, consumer electronics;
  • Technology professionals, engineers, marketers, strategists, researchers;
  • Startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors;
  • Patients, consumers or whoever cares about the future of health.

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Oct 17, 2019 at 8:00 am


UC San Diego Rady School of Management

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