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Jan 31, 2019 at 8:00 am

Intelligent Project Management

About the Program

The ability to intelligently and effectively steer projects towards timely completion and successful outcomes is a critical skill in today’s dynamic and turbulent economic environment. Using interactive exercises and case-studies, this class previews the essential skills, concepts and tools for successful project management, including the art and science of project definition, execution, and delivery for efficiency and effectiveness.

Focus Learn key concepts

  • how to plan and schedule projects, mitigate technical and market uncertainty, and manage social aspects of project execution
  • for crisp project execution.
  • Topics covered: This course is appropriate for firming up the foundation skills and market acumen of project management and leadership.

Vish Krishnan brings a wealth of experience, more than two decades of rigorous research expertise, and an engaging style that has earned him the Most Valuable Professor award multiple times at the Rady School of Management. He is sought after internationally by companies large and small as well as leading international journals for his expertise in Innovation and Growth. Professor Krishnan received his doctorate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and holds the Jacobs Chair in Engineering and Management Leadership at UC San Diego.

  • Defining, Framing, and Achieving Project Success
  • Developing a “Business Case” and Scope for a Project
  • Project Planning and Scheduling Essentials: Critical Path and Schedule Risk Management
  • Intelligent Project Management: Using Contemporary Software for Planning and Schedule Development
  • Tailoring Project Management to Different Contexts & Industries, Including Non-Profits



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Jan 31, 2019 at 8:00 am


Rady School of Management

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